Revere Copper Website

Who is Revere Copper?

In their name you see the great American patriot, Paul Revere. Revere was a silversmith, Revolutionary War hero and a Founding Father of the United States.

A pioneer in the production of rolled copper, Revere became the first American to successfully roll this metal into sheets. This led to his 1801 founding of North America’s first copper mill, just south of Boston.

Generations of Revere’s descendants remained active in the business. The original copper works continues today as Revere Copper Products, Inc. in Rome, NY, which gives them the honor of being among America’s oldest manufacturing companies.

Revere serves many industries by offering the highest quality copper products for a wide variety of applications – ready for immediate shipment to anywhere in the United States, Canada, Mexico and several countries abroad.

The Website Development Process

Revere Copper was in need of a website overhaul. Their previous website was outdated and desperately needed to be streamlined.

First, we created a wire frame of all website content in Adobe XD to get an idea of how we could rearrange the content to make more sense. At this stage, we also presented a collection of possible design motifs for the website.

We also visited the Revere Copper facility a few times to tour the buildings and conduct photoshoots for use on the website. Almost all of the photography seen on the website, as well as the opening homepage video, was shot by us with the help of a third party photographer.

After a back and forth with the client about the structure, text, images, and site map, we began to build the website using a combination of WP Engine and Elementor, giving the client access to suggest edits at any step.

With final edits done and checklists checked off, we flipped the switch to make the new site live.

This content was created while I was a Project Design Director at LP&M Strategic Marketing.

Work featured on this page is property of Revere Copper Products and/or LP&M Advertising.

Adobe XD Wire Frame

To make the process as easy as possible for the client, we first prepared a wire frame of the website as a whole. This wire frame included text content and images, as well as a map of hyperlinks. This made it simple to refer back to when building the website.


The photos below were taken during visits to the Revere Copper Facility. This is just a small selection of photos used on the website.

Thank you.