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Hummock Industries Website

Who is Hummock Industries?

Hummock Industries is a family-owned holding company focused on long-term investments in North American based manufacturing.

The Website Design Process

Hummock Industries came to GEM Design needing a website. With the amount of information that Hummock had to display, we recommended that we build a single page website, with navigation that linked to sections of the homepage. We needed to display their information effectively and concisely to get all of it across without making the single page design irritating for a user to scroll through.

* The current state of the live Hummock Industries website may not accurately reflect the work performed by GEM Design. This client may have made their own edits to the content and/or design of various elements.

This content was created while I was a Project Design Director at LP&M Strategic Marketing.

Work featured on this page is property of Hummock Industries and/or LP&M Advertising.

Thank you.

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