Fuel Up to Play 60 Challenge Center Campaign

Working with the American Dairy Association

Promoting dairy and good nutrition in schools is the foundation for healthy minds and bodies. The American Dairy Association North East works on behalf of dairy farmers across six states. Through programs in schools, with registered dietitians and health professionals, through high school sports associations, retail programs, consumer initiatives and more, they work to make sure everyone knows the essential role dairy plays in a healthy, sustainable and delicious life.

What is the Challenge Center?

The goal of the Challenge Center was to get students and parents involved in the Fuel up to Play 60 program – the nation’s premier in-school nutrition and wellness program. Created by the NFL, National Dairy Counsel, and U.S. Department of Agriculture, this program helps kids take charge of their health and well-being for a lifetime. It delivers positive impact for students, schools, and communities.

What were the Challenge Center's Challenges?

We all know what happened in 2020. The world was struck with a debilitating pandemic that halted virtually everything. In terms of this campaign, we were left with the puzzle of how do we market to a customer base of students and educators when schools are closed and kids are learning remotely for the first time?

We had to rethink our marketing plan halfway through the planning and design process in order to target this constantly moving goal. We transitioned from classroom activities to home activities and moved to a virtual model when it came to delivering content.

Everything was moved to a digital home. We also designed a poster for students that was activated through the Fuel Up to Play 60’s augmented reality app with content that changed periodically.

How do you deliver a campaign in the middle of a global pandemic?

The American Dairy Association required much in the form of collateral to get this program launched. Including:

  • A website to act as a home-base of information which included:
    • 10 time sensitive challenges
    • information about how to earn rewards
    • a calendar of events that integrates with Teen Battle Chef, a virtual campaign to teach kids valuable cooking skills through online Zoom classes
    • videos from high school coaches that teach kids various tips on how to stay active
    • American Dairy Association NFL event recap videos
    • recipe cards of healthy, fresh, and tasty ideas with a dairy focus for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks
    • links to various FUTP60 program resources
    • and more
  • Email campaigns
  • Various videos
  • Social Media marketing
  • A physical kit mailed to eligible program ambassadors and advisors that included multiple print pieces (some with augmented reality app integration), fitness equipment, and classroom activities

This content was created while I was a Project Design Director at LP&M Strategic Marketing.

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Challenge Center Website

The largest aspect of this campaign was a website designed for educators, students, and parents. Acting as a home base for all Challenge Center information and resources, visitors were able to sign up to become an student ambassador or an adult advisor for the program, participate in 10 themed challenges, and access a myriad of information, videos, and resources that educated about living a healthy, active lifestyle, all with a focus on dairy. During the run of the program, this website accumulated over 10,000 visits.

Since this program was only active throughout the 2020-2021 school year, the Challenge Center website has since been removed from the web.

Email Marketing Campaigns

28 email campaigns were sent during the run of this program. With purposes ranging from recruitment, the announcement of new challenges, updated augmented reality content, and the announcement of challenge prize winners. Overall, these campaigns garnered over 6000 sends, with an average click rate of 34.29%. Below are a few examples of e-blast collateral.

Physical Kit

To eligible participants, the American Dairy Associated wanted to send a physical kit full of print pieces (some with augmented reality app integration), fitness equipment, and items for classroom activities. Three kit options were prepared:

  • Ambassadors (Elementary/Middle School)
  • Ambassadors (High School)
  • Advisors

Each kit contained slightly different print materials and physical items. For instance, the high school Ambassador kit included a water bottle, duffel bag, stretch band, jump rope, and bluetooth headphones, along with a 24×36″ augmented reality activated poster and multiple print pieces with information about the program, all contained in a branded box.

Below are examples of print items included in the kits:

Video Walkthrough

To assist users with questions about how this website should be used, we created a video walkthrough.

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