Acumen Detection Website

Who is Acumen Detection?

Acumen Detection is committed to keeping dairy farms healthy and profitable through advanced technologies that enable faster, more informed management decisions.

With the Acu-POLARIS System, Acumen Detection has revolutionized Real-Time PCR technology for use on the dairy farm, enabling producers and veterinarians to identify mastitis-causing pathogens in hours, not days. No lab-grade equipment, special expertise, or culturing required!

The Website Design Process

Acumen Detection already had an established brand and they wanted a website that reflected their use of cutting edge technology within the dairy industry.

* The current state of the live Acumen Detection website does not accurately reflect my work performed. This client has since removed this website design from the web. The link above takes you to a saved version of the homepage, courtesy of Wayback Machine. Please bear in mind that the page may load slowly and elements may not operate correctly or may be missing entirely.

This content was created while I was a Project Design Director at LP&M Strategic Marketing.

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