5 Wits

Video Production

This 5-panel video advertisement was developed to be displayed to guests arriving and departing through the Hiawatha Boulevard bridge of Destiny USA shopping mall in Syracuse, NY.

Since 2004, 5 Wits has been creating high-tech, engaging interactive experiences in which guests play a starring role. They call these experiences “adventures.” An adventure places guests into real life, physically immersive sets. A group will encounter hands-on tasks, puzzles, and challenges.

Taking place in painstakingly detailed, theme park-style environments, 5 Wits adventures feature synchronized sound and lighting, elaborate special effects, and characters that respond to your presence and performance.

This content was created while I was a Project Design Director at LP&M Strategic Marketing.

Work featured on this page is property of 5 Wits and/or LP&M Strategic Marketing.

5-Panel Wide Video Advertisement (Single Panel)

5-Panel Wide Video Advertisement

5-Panel Wide Video Advertisement

After Effects & Saber

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