GEM Design

3D Work

Working with Cinema 4D, After Effects, Premiere Pro, & Media Encoder

Experimenting with forces and materials.
Happy Holidays from CNY Pride!
Created a model of my real-life engagement ring and created an animation using cloners and set it to music.
Experimenting with sub-surface scatter materials and physics.
A commercial for synthetic gemstones prompted me to emulate the look.
Experimenting with forces and depth-of-field enabled physical cameras.
Playing with crystal forms and creative lighting.
A looping animation of textures and shadow.
Physics, lighting, and nerdiness.
An HDRI forest setting and realistic camera movement, and some Zelda love.
A model of a key used by a particular scaredy-cat plumber.
A lesson in sub-surface scattering, cloners, and mograph forces.
Voronoi fracturing with different materials.
Faceted meta-balls orbiting around each other.
Metal material, crystals, HDRI background, and bump mapping.
A simple modeling experiment with a royal reflection.
Soft body physics and global illumination.
A looping animation with force effectors.

Thank you.

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