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Vented Liner Features Video

The goal of this video is to explain all of the benefits and features of Evolution vented milking liners. Created in Cinema 4D, this video uses 3D models of the vented liner to show each attribute.

This video was created while I was a Project Design Director at LP&M Strategic Marketing.


Experimenting with forces and materials.
Happy Holidays from CNY Pride!
Created a model of my real-life engagement ring and created an animation using cloners and set it to music.
Experimenting with sub-surface scatter materials and physics.
A commercial for synthetic gemstones prompted me to emulate the look.
Experimenting with forces and depth-of-field enabled physical cameras.
Playing with crystal forms and creative lighting.
A looping animation of textures and shadow.
Physics, lighting, and nerdiness.
An HDRI forest setting and realistic camera movement, and some Zelda love.
A model of a key used by a particular scaredy-cat plumber.
A lesson in sub-surface scattering, cloners, and mograph forces.
Voronoi fracturing with different materials.
Faceted meta-balls orbiting around each other.
Metal material, crystals, HDRI background, and bump mapping.
A simple modeling experiment with a royal reflection.
Soft body physics and global illumination.
A looping animation with force effectors.

Thank you.

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