3D Production

Using 3D software (Cinema 4D) for real-world applications.

3D has always been a pipe dream, until we just decided we were going to teach ourselves how to make it happen. So we began to dabble with Cinema 4D in our free time. Eventually, we built up enough skills to offer it as a service.

To see some of what we created while learning Cinema 4D, please check out the 3D Simulation page.

Vented Liner Features Video

The goal of this video is to explain all of the benefits and features of Evolution vented milking liners. Created in Cinema 4D, this video uses 3D models of the vented liner to illustrate each benefit.

This video was created while I was a Project Design Director at LP&M Strategic Marketing.

American Dairy Association

This unfinished poster mockup was created to advertise hot chocolate milk to students in schools.

KTG North America

KTG is a provider of innovative coated feed products for targeted nutrient delivery in ruminants, poultry, swine and aquaculture. GEM Design created a handful of 3D assets to help illustrate their products.

Coated Capsule Render and Animation

3D illustration of an product capsule showing the coated layers and the active ingredients between them.
3D model and animation of a product capsule showing the layers of coating being added and then an opening cross section. This animation loops forever.

LipidMate Diagram

Original Diagram
3D Modeled Diagram

PCC Logo Animation

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